Tips To Make Your Countertop Display Box Stand Out

If you sell a small product, it will often be displayed in stores in a countertop display box. This location means that countless prospective customers may pass your display box in a given day or week, but unless your box stands out, these people may walk past without stopping. In an age at which your competitors are likely going to great lengths to make their display boxes appealing to passersby, you need to step your game up to make sure that yours catches peoples' eyes, too. Here are some tips that you can work with your display box provider on to increase the impact of your display box.

Make The Message Clear

A prospective customer may only glance at your box for a fraction of a second — and, in that time, he or she will decide whether to stop and look at the box more or continue walking. While snazzy designs can be good, you want to be sure that your message is as clear as possible; you can't afford to frustrate people because they don't get an immediate sense of what your product is all about. If your display box contains gluten-free protein bars, for example, make sure that this information is easy to pick up at a glance.

Give People A Way To Learn More

While providing the essential details on your display box is important, the last thing you want to do is clutter the box's design with images and words that end up overwhelming your prospective customers. An effective solution is to place a QR code in a prominent location on your display box. This code means that people who are interested in your product can quickly scan the code on their smartphones and browse your mobile-friendly website. Getting a QR code is as simple as searching online for a free code generator, typing in your website and downloading the code image.

Use An Eye-Catching Color

While you want to make sure that the color scheme on the display box suits your brand, there are certain colors that are known for catching peoples' eyes better than others. Red is a dominant color that is hard to miss, but you can also go with colors such as yellow and orange. Often, the latter two may be advantageous, as other companies could use red display boxes. Since you wouldn't want your red box just blending in with the boxes around it, a yellow or orange box could be more effective.

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