Mass Marketing Your Brewery Beers: What You Should Keep In Mind

When you first started brewing your own beers, you may have only thought you were doing so for your own enjoyment. However, as you continued to brew beers and served them to your friends, you found that you have a passion and talent for brewing and started doing it professionally. In order to make your business a success and a well-known brand, not just to your local community but across the state and even nation, you will need to mass market your brews and have them available in stores alongside some of the top brands and brewery concoctions. Get to know some of the factors you should keep in mind when you begin to mass market your brewery beers so that you can be sure the transition is successful and as easy as possible.

Canning or Bottling

One of the biggest decisions to make when mass marketing your brewery beers is whether or not to can or bottle your beers (or to do both). The differences in canned and bottled beers generally come down to preference over actual differences in beer quality.

Bottles are more elegant looking and seem to make beer drinkers feel more classy when consuming them. However, bottled beers allow light to filter into the brew which could theoretically affect quality and taste. They are also not sealed as tightly as canned beers.

Canned beers are sealed with a can seamer during processing. A can seamer creates an airtight and leak-proof seal for your beer keeping light from tainting your beer. It may also help to keep the beer high quality for longer.

The choice to can or bottle your beers (or to do both) comes down to a simple preference for you and your customers. However, if you offer both, you can appease both types of beer drinkers.

Where You Want Your Beers Sold

Anymore, alcohol is sold in numerous types of stores including major national grocery stores, liquors stores, general box stores, convenience stores, and specialty grocers among others. You need to decide where you want to focus your efforts in marketing your brews. This too may have an impact on your choice of canning or bottling your beers as well as your label design and the like.

Peruse the beer sections of various stores around your local area, pay close attention to what types of beers are offered in each venue. Which brands and labels stand out to you? Determine whether or not you want your beers in a store with extensive options and inventory already or stores that only offer a select number of brewery beers to choose from. You may gain more exposure per customer at the smaller venue but the smallness of the beer department may speak more to a lack of customers for beer at that store rather than exclusivity.

Now that you have an idea of some of the elements you need to keep in mind when attempting to mass market your brewery beers, you can get started in the process and begin sharing your beloved brews with more people and making more money so you can continue creating delicious beers for years to come.