Tips On Optimizing Space With Plastic Clothes Hangers

If space is at a premium at your processing or manufacturing facility, you can use your plastic clothes hangers to optimize the limited area you have available to you.

Perhaps you can boost productivity at your facility if you can get more material into your work area without cluttering up the space. If so, you need to put some effort into smart planning and designing. You'll be able to fit many more hangers and therefore more clothing with these four helpful tips:

Use multi-tiered hangers

Multi-tiered hangers are designed to allow you to hang items on numerous levels. Using a multi-tiered hanger, you can fit three, four, or even five times as many items on one plastic hanger. 

This type of hanger comes in many different designs and can be used to accommodate various garment types. However, multi-tiered hangers tend to be most suited to hanging pants because each tier usually consists of one bar over which you can drape a garment lengthwise. 

Double up clothing items

If your hangers are strong enough to support more weight, you can double up clothing items to get twice as much clothing storage space out of your current work area. 

Get reinforced hangers

Plastic clothes hangers can't always accommodate a great deal of weight unless they are reinforced. If you're hanging heavy and bulky items like coats or suits, you might get more out of the space you have if you use plastic clothes hangers that are reinforced with metal or wire. Alternatively, you could get hangers made from a thicker plastic that offers greater structural support. 

Squeeze in extra rod space

If productivity is suffering at your facility because you don't have enough hanger space, perhaps you can fit in more rods to accommodate another level of hangers. 

When you're running out of space, you need to look at the layout of your facility. Relocate some of your equipment or change your processing or manufacturing system so that you're moving clothing in and out faster if there's not enough space using your current setup and process. 

Try slim velvet hangers

This type of hanger is one of the thinnest possible types of plastic hanger available. Slim velvet hangers hang very close together so that you'll be able to fit many garments within a small area on your rod. This type of hanger is also designed to minimize the chances that garments will fall off thanks to the friction-causing velvety texture.